July 2015 Low Country


It’s raining here in the Low Country and the gym is full.

All those Used-to-bees and not-from-heres working off

Costco-prepared entrées from last night.

Every day is Saturday now that they retired. Time for

Exercise and crafts, golf and the beach

Cocktails and Fox in the afternoon.

Gone are those Midwest and northeast winters

Traded instead for a mind-numbing hot and humid summer

White folks at their leisure. No crime, Low taxes,

Few Blacks to be seen and everyone quietly owns a gun or two.

How’s your lawn? Killed an armadillo. What’s that called? A feral hog.

Going to the Hurricane lecture? Have to see my cardiologist.

Used-to-bees and not-from-heres waiting for Jesus

Under the live oaks and Spanish moss in the hot sun.